Bayou Sheet Metal Services, LLC, is a leader in the construction of HVAC ductwork systems for casino vessels as well as offshore and inshore marine vessels. To date we have fabricated and installed systems on more than 18 casino vessels and hundreds of other marine vessels. We have also worked on many commercial and industrial projects in several states. These projects range from 1/2 ton to over 1600 tons of air conditioning. We have capabilities of designing systems with pressures from as low as .01” or as high as 10”. Having extensive knowledge of governing bodies such as S.O.L.A.S., U.S.G.C., A.B.S., Lloyds of London, S.M.A.C.N.A., N.F.P.A., S.B.C.C.I., and many others, the staff at Bayou Sheet Metal Services, LLC can help you design, fabricate, and/or install any HVAC ductwork system.

     Having full capabilities of cutting, bending, assembling, welding, and installing any sheet metal item from 28-gauge up to 10-gauge, Bayou Sheet Metal's abilities are varied. We can also fabricate items from steel or aluminum up to 3/8” thick, or stainless steel up to 1/4" thick.

     Let one of the most recognized names in the industry bid on your next project. Call Gene at (985) 876-8026, or e-mail him at